"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth."

--Matthew 5:5

The Meek are those humans who were not part of the chosen, and managed to survive the ravages of the Rapture, or have been born since. By in large, the Meek are a downtrodden, but resilient people. Most scratch out a hard living in one of the villages or towns that dot the blasted landscape of Earth, though there are those who survived the Rapture by secreting themselves into any of a number of hidden subterranean sanctuaries. The Meek who have emerged from such vaults tend to be healthier and stronger, but life in Anno Raptus is hard, and those who survive on the surface of Earth are not necessarily weak or frail.

Human Racial Traits Edit

  • +2 to any one ability score, chosen at character creation. Humans are versatile and adaptable, and while many are ravaged by the hardship of surviving after the Rapture, those who are player characters are typically exemplars of their race.
  • Medium Size, Humanoid (Human)
  • 30 ft Base Speed
  • Languages: Humans begin play with the primarily language for their region (English for America and Britain, German for Europe, Japanese for Asia, Arabantu for Africa and the Middle East, Portanish for South America). Humans with high intelligence scores can choose extra languages.
  • Bonus Feat: Humans begin play with one extra feat.
  • Skilled: Humans gain one additional skill rank at each level. These additional skill points are restricted in their expenditure depending on whether the human is Cthonic or Sheoal.

Cthonic Humans Edit

  • Cthonic humans may choose machine languages for their bonus languages, including any programming language. In the intervening years since the Rapture, Hades Towns have been some of the closest to subterranean spirits, and so knowledge of Terran and Draconic are also common.
  • Cthonic humans tend to have a greater familiarity with technology and the study of magic as science than Sheoal humans. Thus, Cthonic humans may spend their bonus skill points on Knowledge (Computers and Systems, Arcana), or Craft (Electronics, Machinery).

Sheoal Humans Edit

  • Sheoal humans live among many of the spirits and monsters that now dominate Earth. They may choose any monster language (see Language in the Apocalypse), elemental languages other than Terran, or Enochian. They may also choose to speak The Dark Speech or The Words of Creation for communication only. In order to use the power of these languages, they must take the relevant feat.
  • Sheoal humans tend to have more familiarity with theology, miracles, and the nature of Celestials and monsters than Cthonic humans, as well as greater skill at moving undetected. Thus, Sheoal humans may spend their bonus skill points on Knowledge (Esocology, Theology), Stealth, or Use Device.