There are many rumors in the post-revelation landscape. They live on fearful lips and hopeful tongues, perpetuated by those who dream of aid or shiver in the night amid nightmares.

People Edit

Dr. Bones Edit

Those who serve celestials can generally count on their lieges to heal them, at least so long as they serve them well. Those who try to make their way in the world without bending knee or head to those who ruined it, however, often need to find their own way to mend their wounds.

One option, albeit one of last resort for many, is a man known only by the moniker "Dr. Bones," and for good reason.

Not a pleasant man by any stretch of the imagination, Dr. Bones is said to have a visage as terrifying as his medical skills are formidable. Flesh-less finger tips, eyes flayed and burned down to limpid orbs sitting in bare bone sockets, and, though seldom seen, a hole in his chest revealing bare rib bones and no heart.

Some say that Dr. Bones did these things to himself to improve his medical skills--sharpened finger bones to act as scalpels, eyes that can seek out the most hidden or even invisible ailment or parasite, even when hindered by darkness, and an ageless form probably caused by excising his heart. Others say these things were done to him, but that he made the best of a bad situation.

The things that are known about Dr Bones, however, are that he is always accompanied by armed mercenaries; that he is always willing to heal you up--for a price, and that he does not suffer fools or small talk.

Places Edit

The Library of DisEdit

Rumored to be everything from a sunken city with countless levels dug into the earth, to a sprawling campus, to a tower climbing high into the air, the Library of Dis is much talked about, but little known.

It is said that the Library of Dis holds all knowledge. It catalogues human technology, celestial magic, and the mysteries of the universe somewhere within it. Rumor holds that within, demons teach those who seek it much of this knowledge, though where it is or how to get there vary by the teller.

The Solarium Edit

Against all reason, in a world where every compound or settlement of any reasonable size is beholden to a celestial in one way or another, the Solarium is a compound beholden to no such higher power, and in fact, ruled by none.

The Solarium is a utopia of social community, where all decisions are made by those who care to weigh in, and the whole body stands against any power that seeks to make it bend knee.

The compound is named for the ubiquitous sunlight and use of solar power through the Solarium. It is rumored to be one of the least ruined places in all the world, and having great access to technology.