So, obviously, a lot of this is based on the Rapture and the Book of Revelation. Being a lapsed Catholic, and not a lapsed Protestant, I'm going from Wikipedia and summaries, rather than, you know, over a decade of drilling and prepping in the belief the Rapture was actually going to happen.

However, there are a lot of other influences on the World of Anno Raptus, which it may be helpful to familiarize yourself with.

Books (Including the Comic and Roleplaying variety) Edit

  • Demon the Fallen -- a lot of my cosmology, when it doesn't draw directly from the Bible or D&D, is drawing on what is, honestly, my favorite World of Darkness game.

Movies Edit

  • Mad Max -- It hasn't come up in my world-building yet, but it will, lets be honest.

Video Games Edit

  • Darksiders -- This is honestly the big inspiration. Here is the Opening Cinematic for the first game, and a lot of visuals for the game will draw on the scenery of the game. Here is the first part of a more comprehensive summary of the game.
  • Not a major influence, but I've played a little bit, and there are some touches.

TV Series Edit

  • Supernatural -- First, I just want to thank Supernatural for portraying asshole angels as the rule, rather than the exception. But also, it has a lot of quasi-biblical stuff that I'm probably going to hew more closely too than the actual Bible.
  • Preacher -- Yes, it's a comic first, but I haven't read the comic and I have seen the TV Series.
  • After Armageddon -- a Spec Fic documentary(?) of what would (ostensibly) happen after the end of humanity.