A Horn of Jericho

In the mythic biblical era, at the Battle of Jericho, the Isrealite king Joshua was told by God to march his army around the beseiged city for six days, then to do the same on the seventh, but to then have his seven priests blow their horns. When he did this, the walls of the city crumbled, allowing the Isrealite army to charge the city and carry a bloody victory.

The Seven Trumpet-blastsEdit

The Rapture started with the blowing of seven trumpets. Quite distinct from the sound of a modern orchestral trumpet, the sounds were those of an ancient ram's horn trumpet, or shofar, and were heard the world over. With their blowing, the works of man crumbled as the walls of Jericho did before the horns of the Isrealite priests.

Each trumpet heralded a separate plague of the apocalypse:

  • The first trumpet caused a fall of hail, blood and fire, and the burning storm is said to have razed "a third of the trees on the planet and all green grass."
  • The second trumpet marked the explosion of Mauna Loa on the main island of Hawaii, causing the island itself to fall into the sea and "wiping out a third of all sea life and ships."
  • The third trumpet saw the great space station Wormwood tumble from orbit, breaking apart and scattering the earth with it's wreckage. It is blamed for the heavy metal poisoning of many fresh water sources in the times of woe.
  • With the fourth trumpet, the sun, moon and stars went dark. For a third of each day, the earth was plunged into pitch darkness as if some great winged beast blotted out the light of heavenly bodies. This lasted till nearly the end of the apocalypse.
  • As the fifth trumpet's blast, a great star fell to earth, and from its landing swarmed a cloud like locust. The beasts bore the tails of scorpions on bodies like warhorses. Their heads were as long haired men bearing golden crowns with lion teeth, and their chests were as iron breastplates. They tormented the Earth for five months, but were bade to slay no one in that time.
  • The sixth trumpet did not sound for five months but unleashed four angels once bound to the "great river Euphrates." With them came 10 million score troops mounted on steeds with the heads of lions and whose tails were biting serpents, with breastplates of fire, brimstone and stone which breathed pestilance.
  • The final trumpet ushered peals of lightning and thunder and a great earthquake as the arc of God's covenant was opened.

The TrumpetsEdit

The trumpets of the Apocalypse are the same trumpets that felled the walls of Jericho. In the Apocalypse they were granted power by God. They are physical trumpets, and yet so much more as well, and can be found by the Meek who still walk the Earth. Each trumpet is a long ram's horn (at least 5' long) and has a strap, usually rope, from which it can hang.

To use a trumpet, a Perform check (DC 50) must be made, and the character must be trained in Wind instruments.

The First Trumpet is cracked and burnt, as if by holocaust. When it is blown, it calls a burning hail. Empowered Storm of Vengeance, CL 20. To maintain concentration, the horn must be continuously blown, at DC 30, each round after the first.

The Second Trumpet is slick with water and blood, constantly dripping a mixture of the two. When it is blown, it levels mountains and raises volcanoes. Volcano (SSt130) or Move Earth, CL 20. If Move Earth is used, every instance of "10 minutes"  in the text is treated as reading "1 full round."

The Third Trumpet glimmers like meteoric iron. When blown, it calls meteors to earth. Empowered, Widened Meteor Swarm, CL 20.

The Fourth Trumpet is stark, light-sapping black. When it is carried uncovered, the light in a 200' radius is downgraded one step (Bright>Shadowy>Darkness>Severe Darkness [ie, Darkvision does not function]). When the horn is blown, it darkens the sun, moon and stars, plunging the area around it into complete darkness. Eclipse, CL 20.

The Fifth Trumpet is galvinized, as if chewed at by a swarm of vermin. When blown, a cloud of locust nearly obscures the blower from view. Deeper Darkness and Crown of Vermin, CL 20. The Crown of Vermin summons 144,000 locust, however, and the locust survive in air and water.

The Sixth Trumpet is clad in iron, and hangs from a chain. It can be swung in combat, dealing damage as a +6 Holy Adamantine Great Club. When blown, it calls a Lesser Horseman of Rapture. It only has access to 200 horsemen at a given time, and each blowing of the trumpet affects the trumpet as Maximized, Empowered Extended Heat Metal. Horsemen summoned by the horn can be dismissed. If they are killed, it takes 144 days for that horseman to recover.

The Seventh Trumpet is a thing of gold, with small statuettes of angels at the bell. When blown, it is as the voice of God. Heightened (9th) Earthquake, Control Weather (Gradually changes the weather to Hurricane over ten rounds), and Heightened (9th) Call Lightning Storm (Up to 25 bolts deal 10d10 electric damage each), CL 20.