Anno Raptus: The Year of Rapture Wiki

Anno Raptus is an end-timey post apocalypse setting for d20 role playing. The Rapture has come, and the PCs were left behind in a world of demons and monsters scrabbling to survive.

The Rapture

It's been eight score years since the seven trumpets sounded. The faithful few were caught up to sit beside their lord. Those who remained, much of humanity, then became the objects of a war between Heaven and Hell. Heaven wanted to bring home more souls and Hell is always hungry.

Artefacts of this war dot the landscape--immense bestial skeletons, swords which rival the skyscrapers of old, vast wastelands which mark the spilling of demonic blood. At first, humans were merely a prize to be won by the factions who warred. Then they became a target, a prize better destroyed than lost. It was then that humans joined in the fighting. The angels and demons armed the prizes they'd won so far that they could protect themselves. Other humans surrendered themselves to armies, better to be armed and protected than adrift in the wastelands, fearing hellhounds slipped from their masters' bonds, the armies of angels and demons and their hunting parties, marauding raiders, beset on all sides by those who wished to kill, capture or rob you, or even worse.

For those humans who did not seek asylum, the hundred and forty four years of the war were characterized by cowering in shanty towns and bunkers, fearing annihilation by errant attacks or raiding parties looking for supplies, tributes and entertainment for their lords and armies. Life was torture itself, but a to many, tormented freedom is better than easy captivity--and captivity could still be even worse.

Earth was a fragile bubble. For millenia it was spared the harsh touch of god and devil. Those seven trumpet blasts which tore through the air, ravaging the works of man, and heard around the world, also tore apart the nature of reality as we know it--necessary for the ascension of the Pure, and for the Celestials to enter the firmament. When the rarified feet and wings of Celestials touched earth or parted air, they radiated what can only be called magic. Where once magic was the province of fantasy and legend, it is now a known--and feared--reality. Where once monsters were urban myths and stories told to children, now they do in fact stalk the wastes and dark forests, seeking meals of survivor flesh. All manner of horrors crawled forth from the pits of Hell and rifts in the edges of reality. Great beasts were left behind by the legions of Heaven, uncaring for what predations they would wreak on those left behind. It is not just terrible monsters and the Celestials whose bonds they slipped that carry this dread radiation, humans, too, can wield magic, whether it is gifted by a Celestial lord, or wrested from the air around him and harnessed with study and experimentation.

The artifacts of the old age--guns, vehicles, and so on--can be found, but much has been spent in the battles or horded by the lords of the realm, warlords, some human, many demonic, who cut swathes of control with murder and coercion. Nature has, largely, reclaimed the earth.

The World As It Is

Many forms of wildlife thrived in the absence of the hand of mankind. Birds of prey and feral cats and dogs flourished on the vulnerable rat population deprived of human garbage. Cockroaches disappeared from all but the warmest climes as the heat went off and they were left at the mercy of the weather. Plants reverted to something not unlike their wild roots and burst through cracks in the foundations of cities and trees recover the land. Subways and skyscrapers crumbled, leaving treacherous ruins, as steel frams corroded and buckled. Indian Point nuclear reactors have turned the Hudsen Bay into a radioactive soup. Deer, coyotes, bears and wolves roam the wilds of the world, competing with and preyed upon by hellhounds, tetramorphs and other Celestial Beasts.

The works of modern man were laid waste to by the blowing of the seven trumpets. Buildings crumbled, the earth rebelled beneath man's feet, and the seas boiled as stars fell from the sky. Many millions of humans and animals died during the time of tribulation, and the era of man has effectively come to a close. The wilds have reclaimed the soil--breaking pavement with grass and weeds, vines climbing ruined buildings, fields fenced in with twisted chain link with flowers growing from the dirt filled engine compartment of decayed cars. Humans are nomadic raiders and traders or live in small villages of lean-tos, tents and stick huts.

The works of the era of man can be found, though by now, they usually must be wrested from others. Some few vehicles have been carefully maintained and converted for new use. Guns are difficult to find and have little ammunition. People wear a chaotic mix of old rags, new primitive coverings, and scavanged cobbled armour. A man may carry an old but meticulously cared for smith and wessen, but use a sword of folded and pounded road sign.


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